Vintage Vibes is working to combat isolation and loneliness across Edinburgh. We need friendly volunteers to form friendships with the city’s over-60s and with your support raising funds we can find, train and match volunteers with our VIPs - helping improve the lives of older people in Edinburgh every single day. 

Every single week we create new friendships with over 60s (our VIPs) who are socially isolated or lonely. Vintage Vibes is a partnership between two charities, LifeCare Edinburgh and The Broomhouse Centre and is part funded by Big Lottery. However, we have to raise thousands of pounds every year to support the project further and to push towards self-sustainability.

Creating friendships is a simple, wonderful idea. Doing it well and sensitively - matching folks with similar interests and getting to know the VIPs and volunteers personally - is at the core of what we do and this is what really sets us apart from other services. 

Supporting Vintage Vibes means that we can work towards ensuring as many of Edinburgh’s lonely population get new friends as possible. 

Your fundraising helps us bring so much happiness tour volunteers and VIPs and to many more in the future.

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Sometimes all it takes is a cup of tea and a natter.  We're tackling isolation and loneliness among the over-60s in Edinburgh by matching folk with shared interests, offering friendships and the chance to be more socially connected.

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