• How can I get involved?  

There are several ways you can get in contact with us so we can send you a Vintage Vibes Christmas card!  

Step One: Simply text, direct message or email us your contact details   

Text 'COSY' to 70300 | Email | DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 

Step Two: We will send one of our packs out to you.    

Step Three: When you receive your pack, write a friendly message inside our Christmas card  

Step Four: Send your card back in the enclosed free-post envelope or drop it off at Cuckoo's Bakery at 116 Bruntsfield Place or 150 Dundas Steet and that's it! Hurrah!

Cuckoo's Bakery

From there, we will post your card to the VIP and that’s it! Your simple act of kindness will cost you nothing and will make a huge difference. Hurrah! 

(Texts will cost your normal text rate)
  • Can I put my contact details on my card?  

We ask that you don’t include your contact details inside your card and instead just leave a friendly message.  Having said that, we encourage you to make your card as friendly as possible and so if you wish to enclose a cheery photograph of you or your family, please feel free!  

 We would however love to keep in contact with you about how you can get involved in the future. We will enclose a separate short form in the pack where you can give us your consent to keep your details on record (if you want to!).     

  • Can I choose who I send my card to?  

In order for as many of our VIPs to receive a card as possible, we will send you a card with the profile of one of our amazing VIPs for you to write to. Every single one is an incredible individual who would love to receive a card.   

  • Will it cost me anything?  

Sending your Christmas card to one of our VIPs will cost you absolutely nothing! We will enclose a freepost envelope in the pack we send out to you. If you text us to get your card you will be charged the normal rate for a text message.

  •  Is there any further commitment required after sending my card?  

Once you have sent off your card, you don’t have to do anything else.  If you are interested in hearing about what else we get up to or how you can get involved with Vintage Vibes, please remember to enclose the form with your contact details when you send away your Christmas card.    

  •  How old do I have to be to send a card?  

You need to be 17 to send a Christmas card, but families are welcome to send one together! 

  •  I am not from Edinburgh however I would like to send a card, is this okay?  

That's fine! We are an Edinburgh based charitable partnership but the further afield we get our word out, the better!   

  •  What is the deadline to apply/submit my card?  

We will be sending the last batch of cards to our lovely VIPs on Monday 18th December in order that they receive your card in time for Christmas. So, the last day to post back the cards to us is Friday 15th December.  

  • Can I give a gift/present?  

We ask that you don't include a gift alongside your card.  A simple friendly message can go a long way!   

LifeCare, one of the fab charities which started Vintage Vibes, do collect Christmas gifts for local people with dementia, so if you would like to give a gift please call 0131 343 0951   

  • If I donate or fundraise what does the money go towards? 

Any donation you send us will go towards funding the one-to-one friendships between a volunteer and VIP (over 60), and any group meet-ups we organise.   

  • Am I allowed to visit the VIP I write to?  

Due to confidentiality reasons, we won't be including any direct contact details of the VIP you write to.      

If you are interested in volunteering then what's really special about Vintage Vibes is that we match local volunteers with a VIP (over 60) who has shared interests and a shared outlook on life. So please get in contact with us if you are interested in getting involved with this!   

  • Is there an opportunity to receive feedback on the campaign as a whole?  

We would love to tell you about how our campaign went and how your act of kindness made a difference to someone at Christmas.  Just remember to give us your consent for us to keep a note of your contact details when returning the card to us!     

  • Will I be able to hear back individually from the VIP I send my card to?  

We will be gathering feedback from our VIPs about how much receiving your card meant to them which we will of course forward back to you - but we can't guarantee that individual feedback will be given.   

  • How is this campaign paid for?  

We are extremely lucky to have the support of some fantastic businesses and individuals for this campaign. Standard Life are supporting the cost of the cards and Niche Works PR are providing pro bono press and media relations to help us spread the word. The small remaining cost has been supported by a fabulous group of local people doing the Radical Road 5K back in September and support from Cuckoo's Bakery. Thank you guys 

  • How can I get involved and support Vintage Vibes longer term?  

If you like the sound of Vintage Vibes, we like the sound of you! If you want to find out more about us and how you can get involved, please find the contact details on the Volunteer section of our website or email  

  • Can I send a card if I'm already a Vintage Vibes Volunteer?  

Of course! You are a valuable part of the Vintage Vibes team and we encourage you to not only take part in our campaigns and events but also spread the word about how your friends and family can get involved too!   

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